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                Nature, Wildlife and Sports Photography 

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     Notice: After being the STAR Livestock Show       official show photographer for the past seven
    years, the STAR Show board of directors has
    decided to replace me. Therefore I will not be
    photographing the 2016 show. However the
    photos I've taken over the past seven years
         are all still available for viewing and
    purchasing in my online store (for now). To
    do so, scroll down and click on the "My Store"       button below. Thanks! 

  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015
  STAR Livestock Show photos are online and
  available for purchase! Click on the "My Store"
   button below to view them.

Note: I cannot guarantee how much longer I
   will have these photos available online since it
   costs me money to keep my online store open.
    Therefore if you are wanting to purchase any
    of these photos, you better not wait too long.

(Click here to visit my online store.)

(Click here to visit my Facebook page.)

        2013 Jim Wells County Fair Horse and
        Livestock Show photos are now online!       
2014 Texas Citrus Fiesta Product Costume Style
Show photos are online and available for purchase.
Click on the image below to view them.




                               **Bird Songs** 

Visit my Bird Songs page by clicking on either of the photos below and you will not only get to see what birds I've photographed look like, but you will get to listen to what they sound like too.  Click on either of the music players below the images for a sampling of the songs.



                               Wildlife Photos:                    

   (Click on photo links below to go directly to that page.)
2008 Valley Land Fund Wildlife           Alaska Wildlife
      Photo Contest Entries                      (17 Images)
                (42 Images)

 VLF Contest Winners   South Texas Bugs    South Texas Birds
       (8 Images)                      (13 Images)                    (67 Images)

             2009 Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo  Contest              

                                    Santa Clara Ranch

                                        Bentsen-RGV State Park

                         Shary Municipal Golf Course

                             Scenic Photos:

    Alaska Scenics   Garden of the Gods  July 
4th Fireworks            (40 Images)                    (15 Images)                  (11 Images)

           Colorado Scenics               Mexico Scenics
           (73 Images)                           (24 Images)

     South Padre Island



All photographs on this website are exclusive property of Luciano Guerra.  Any reproduction or unauthorized use of material on this site is strictly prohibited. 

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