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Coastal Bend Photo Contest

Below are just a few of the photos I took for the 2009 Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Contest.  I was fortunate to get matched up with Richard and Patricia Phillips, who own the La Ramirena Ranch, as my landowners.  This is a beautiful 1,000+ acre ranch adjacent to Lake Corpus Christi which has all kinds of wildlife on it.  Richard and Patricia were extremely accomodating and made my experience as a whole very enjoyable.

Below is a slideshow made up of a series of photos I took early in the morning on Sunday 6/7/09.  I came across these deer as I was driving around the ranch in an ATV. Fortunately they gave me enough time to focus my camera and compose the shots before they took off. I believe it had to do with the fact that I was in an ATV and not on foot.  Since they could not make out my human form they weren't sure what they were looking at and that resulted in them hesitating long enough for me to get the shots.

                       (17 images - Run time: 0:42)

The whole time I was watching the deer and waiting for them to decide which way they were going to go, I kept saying under my breath, "Jump the fence, jump the fence, jump the fence...".  I've always wanted to photograph a deer jumping a fence and while I've seen deer do this, I've never had the opportunity to capture it with my camera before.

When deer #1 went under the fence I was disappointed.  I was afraid that the other two would do the same.  However, when I saw deer #2 begin to take flight, I was thrilled!!!  I knew I was finally getting the shot(s) I'd always wanted. 

            Prints For Sale!

I have recently added some of my favorite images from this contest to my online store where they are now available for purchase. This includes some that I have not yet had a chance to include on this page.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these, or any of the other photos I have on this website, click on the "Buy Prints" button below to visit my online store.



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