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Cropping Required

If you go to place an order in my online store you will notice that it says "(Cropping Required)" next to the following print sizes: 

5" x 7", 8" x 10", 11" x 14", 16" x 20" & 20" x 24"
This is because each of these print sizes is a different proportion from that of the original image.  Photos taken with 35mm film cameras and most digital cameras have a proportion of 1 x 1 1/2.  This means that horizontal images are 1 1/2 times wider than they are tall while vertical images are 1 1/2 times taller than they are wide.  Therefore print sizes that have a 1 x 1/2 proportion do not need cropping. Here are those print sizes:

4" x 6", 8" x 12", 20" x 30" & 24" x 36"

In most cases, cropping an image to one of the print sizes listed on top can be done without any problem.  However, if the image being cropped has subject matter that either fills the whole frame or that comes close to the edges, cropping will result in anything near the edges being cut off. Here are some examples of how cropping will (or will not) affect specific print sizes:

                  4" x 6", 8" x 12", 20" x 30", 24" x 36"
                (No cropping = no subject matter lost.)


                                               5" x 7" 
                  (Minor cropping = little subject matter lost.)


                                      8" x 10", 16" x 20"
                (Major cropping = more subject matter lost.)


Therefore, if you are planning on ordering prints of an image whose subject matter either fills the entire frame or comes close to the edges, I suggest that you go with a print size that does not need cropping.  Otherwise any of the print sizes will work.

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