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South Texas Bugs
This page includes close-up, or macro, photographs of the insects and arachnids which live among us here in South Texas.  It is my hope that these photos will open up a whole new world to you.  A world that is all around us but we seldom take the time to really see.

Most of these photos were taken while I was participating in the Valley Land Fund wildlife photo contest and were all taken in my backyard.











Here are some photos of a praying mantis I found in my backyard one evening.




Here are some photos of a spider having a midnight snack.  I actually did take these photos right around midnight.  I found this spiderweb just a few feet from where I found the Praying Mantis the night before.


Here are pics of a couple of leaf weevils I found doing what leaf weevils do.  I actually watched the female leaf weevil choose her mate from two competing males and she actually chose the smaller male.  Do you know why?  Because he was the lesser of two weevils of course! 


(I still have a lot of bug pictures which were taken on slide film and which I need to have scanned before I can include them here.  The photos you see here represent those which I've taken since I switched from film to digital in June of 2007.)

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