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                Nature, Wildlife and Sports Photography 

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Who is Luciano Guerra?

I was born, raised and still live in Mission, Texas. I have enjoyed photography since my parents gave me a Yachica 35mm camera when I was in high school. It didn't take me long to discover that what I enjoyed capturing with my camera the most was nature and wildlife. 

I dabbled at this type of photography for many years but I didn't really get serious about it until 1994 when the Valley Land Fund
put on its very first wildlife photo contest here in south Texas. This is the richest wildlife photo contest in the world with over $120,000.00 in prize money awarded to winning photographers and land owners every two years.

While the Valley Land Fund Wildlife Photo Contest is no longer in existence, I did enter all but one of the contests which were held. Over the years of my participation in this contest, I found my photography to be improving from one contest to another. However, the competition seemed to be doing a good job of keeping a step or two ahead of me and at first my winnings were few and far between.

I never gave up however and my persistence paid off in 2004 when my photograph of a Buff Bellied Hummingbird frozen in mid-flight beat out the 700+ entries to win Best of Contest and the People's Choice award in the Small Tract Competition
of the Valley Land Fund’s Wildlife Photo Contest. I was also the Fourth Grand Prize winner in that contest.

In the final Valley Land Fund Wildlife Photo Contest, which was held in 1998, I had the most division winning photographs of any of the 50+ photographers entered in the Small Tract Competition. Overall I was the Second Grand Prize winner in this contest.

Over the years, I have had photos published in books, including most of the Valley Land Fund books, in magazines such as Birder's World and Bobcat Fans Magazine, in newspapers, such as The Austin American Statesman, The Monitor and the Upper Valley Progress, and in calendars. I have also had several of my photographs used in advertising and turned into postcards.

Several years ago I discovered that I also enjoy photographing sporting events, especially football games. I have since photographed many high school and college football games including games which were played at Texas State University, at SMU and and TCU.

In 2009 I started photographing livesotck shows. This led to my being designated as the official photographer for the South Texas Agricultural Roundup (STAR) Livesotck Show for the past three years.

My dream is to turn my passion for photography into a career. That is why I have recently sold my interest in the family business to my brother so that I can concentrate on getting my photography career off the ground.

As a way of promoting my photography, I have recently started putting on PowerPoint presentations titled "Birding Texas Style In The Rio Grande Valley" at RV and mobile home parks here in the Rio Grande Valley as well as at state parks such as Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park in Mission and at Resaca De La Palms State Park in Brownsville. In these programs I use my photographs, and the stories behind them, to teach the public about wildlife photography and birding in the Rio Grande Valley.

I am also in the process of writing stories and articles that I will be submitting, along with some of my photos, to magazines, newspapers and book publishers in hopes of making my photos more marketable. I I have always enjoyed writing, so if I can combine my love of photography with my enjoyment of writing in order to get more of my photos published, it will be a win-win situation for me.

Speaking of writing, I am currently looking for a newspaper or a magazine that might be interested in having me write a nature and wildlife column for their publication. I have quite a few ideas for columns I could write and I would be willing to cover local nature events as a reporter as well. I plan on using my photos to add a visual element to my columns and stories.

Therefore, if you are an editor of either a newspaper or a magazine and you would like to discuss the possibility of my doing this for your publication, please call me at 956-458-6681 or e-mail me at luciano@bugsbirdsandbeyond.com. Thank you!


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